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Determine Fixing Blue Screen of Death Is Easy or Not So Easy


Computers issues are never easy to handle. Computer users find it difficult to deal with them but blue screen error is the most notorious whether it happens to your PC or it is a laptop blue screen error. The causes are wide enough to click your mind. If you are concerned this awful situation, read below. The detailed diagnosis for your system error has been revealed.

  1. You need to reproduce the error by repeating the task. If it is specific and related to a particular task, and it happens again and again, it is likely to be software related. And when it does not get reproduced then this is something hardware related.
  2. The events happened just before the blue screen can prove instrumental in diagnosing the cause. Review of the activity log will help you determine the warnings and errors that may have happen.
  3. Try to decode the message hidden in blue screen error. For attaining blue screen of death fix, you need to read the message generally given in the first two lines of the error. The encrypted message can lead you to the solution of the problem.
  4. You should try next to check the stability of your computer. You can employ tool like Reliability monitor. Factors like application installations, system updates and hardware upgrades largely contribute to blue screen error.
  5. Investigate the temperature of the laptop or PC as overheating does have the potential of causing blue screen error.
  6. Running a memory diagnosis can prove to be beneficial. Over a time period, it has been seen that faulty memory is the culprit causing blue screen.
  7. A person trying to combat blue screen of death should follow the same software in another system. If the same happens with the other system then the problem is software related or is related to the application or configuration.
  8. As quoted earlier, the fault is most of the times related to memory. Running a memory diagnosis may always not solve your problem, replacing the memory solves stubborn blue screen errors.
  9. Some viruses are the causing agents of blue screen error. It is suggested to run a malware scan to detect any infections your computer has got.
  10. Hardware components such as memory card and PCI cards should be reseated after plugging down your computer.

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