Fixing Blue Screen of Death in 3 Easy Steps | (855) 422-8557


Blue screen of death is considered as one of the worst computer problems. It can make your computer completely useless as you cannot reach your home screen as well. The screen freeze in a blue background and some error message blinks in white color. The computer specialists have devised support for blue screen of death to help the users. They work upon the factors to make the computer work. As it is the need of the hour, it is important to seek help and get it fixed as quick as possible. Here are three different steps to fix the error.

Hardware can be one of the reasons

Firstly, check the hardware configuration of your computer. Generally, blue screen of death can be a result of hardware malfunctions. One needs to diagnose the problem by looking into the settings, if anything has changed recently or not. Check out for loose connection and if found one attend to it.

Control the temperature

Computer temperature can be another reason behind BSOD. Overheating can be the principle cause and sometimes, components such as graphics card get overheated and may affect the performance of the CPU. If you find that your graphics card is the source of overheating, you need to talk to an expert. If it is not the reason, then one can go to the BIOS setting and access the menu to see the temperature. If everything seems normal, then testing the RAM of the CPU is important.

Testing the RAM

Testing the RAM is essential, as RAM stick can be the chief cause of failure of the system. Examine the health of the RAM, if everything is good, then take out the stick from its slot and rub well. Rubbing can remove the deposition that is the cause behind the system to work slower or less efficiently. Return it back to its place and reboot the system.

You can follow these simple steps to fix the blue screen of death. If it does not work properly then contact technical support professionals. They will be glad to help and provide the best support for blue screen of death and fix the issue on time.

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