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Want to Know Main Reasons Behind Your Computer Crash

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The computer crash is scary for all the users because reasons could be many. What is more scarier is to diagnose the problem. It could be a new update, software, malware attack or driver missing out from the hard disk. There is no need to panic because usually the problem is solved by running an effective and easy diagnose.

The famous blue screen of death is the sight no one wishes to see while working yet they have to. In that case, one has to look for following possible reasons:

  1. Did you install a new software or connect a new device?

It is possible that the new software is actually corrupted or a trojan. Antivirus at times fails to predict the potential harm a new software can cause hence, after running on the system, it causes it to crash or cause inconvenience. It could also be due to connecting a new hardware that is not compatible with the computer.

  1.  Are your drivers up-to-date?

Drivers are the bridge between software and hardware. It makes it possible to read the command and make the hardware work accordingly. If the driver is missing or they are not updated, the hardware becomes incompatible. This increases the chances of system to fail. However, drivers are easy download online.

  1. Did you run system repair?

If the problem of blue screen reoccurs then run the computer on safe mode.In safe mode, your computer doesn’t gets bugged by any harmful driver or software. Once, running your computer on safe mode, you have to run system repair program. Firstly, attempt to restore the system back to a date when the computer worked normally form the BIOS screen.When this doesn’t work, you have to create a backup in another drive after which Windows could be reinstalled.

If ever you face a blue screen on your laptop or PC; worry not. It could be fixed by DIY procedure and also seeking professional help. However, it gets difficult to solve the problem all by yourself if you’re not accustomed to the technical language of the computer. For that reason, many experts are waiting to get your call.

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