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Beginner’s Guide For Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen error 999999 - DB

After being a prey of blue screen of death for several times it may be quite difficult for you to believe that there are computer users who don’t know anything about blue screen on computer. There are chances that while using windows you got a bright blue screen with white text on it. Now this can happen to you at any time during the day or night. Users share different experiences of encountering the blue daemon at the most unexpected times like right in the middle of preparing business presentation before you could save it.

A reboot is mandatory to try removing the BLUE SCREEN LAPTOP problem. You should not commit mistake of taking the blue daemon lightly as the problem is quite critical. Recovering from this error without stopping operations is not possible. It is not very common with the newer operating systems but can still happen when windows sense some hardware or software error that causes the prevention of normal operations of Windows.

To fix the blue screen error, you can take the following steps before you hire the expert technical services for your desktop or laptop.

  • Go back- Think what you were doing when the BSOD appeared on your laptop screen or laptop. For example with installation of new program or software some compatibility issue may arise. This new installation can be the source of problem so you should find the solution in uninstalling the program and see if your problem is solved out.
  • Reboot- Fortunate users get simple solution of BSOD with a restart. Even if it gets solved with the reboot, take precautions of scanning your computer for virus infections.
  • Antivirus- Virus infection can be very much behind the blue screen error and running a scan for viruses can save you from serious internet security threats too.
  • When you don’t get a remedy in any of the above diagnose to see if there is any deteriorating piece of hardware.

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