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Blue Screen of Death & Important Aspects



Death is a strong word; however, blue screen of death does not mean a dead computer. Don’t feel excited as it does mean some other risky things.

In simple words, BSOD refers to the state when everything stops as far as the operating system is concerned. User can close the error and save the data or restart the PC the usual way. This is where the term ‘STOP’ error comes from.

It also means that there are some serious problems that need to be fixed to use the computer normally. Sometimes, blue screen of death appears during the Windows start-up process. This means that without solving the problem, getting back to the old and normal working system is not possible. If the error happens at other times during the use of PC, fixing it is easier.

Fixing Blue Screen Error

That annoying and confusing text displayed on BSOD lists any files that are involved in the crash. Device drivers are also included that are possible to be at fault and show short & cryptic description regarding the solution about the problem.

BSOD also includes a STOP code that is used to troubleshoot the issue.

If STOP code is not found in the list or can’t be read, one can take help from technicians. Sadly, most Windows installations are programmed to automatically restart after blue screen error which makes it almost impossible to read the STOP error code.

Before starting with troubleshooting, user needs to prevent this automatic reboot by disabling the automatic restart on system failure option in Windows.

More Facts

BSODs are there since the early days of Windows. You will be surprised to know that the fault was more common back then because hardware, Windows and software itself was more “buggy”.

From Windows 95 to Windows 7, the error didn’t change much. Plenty of unhelpful data on the screen is a big reason blue screen error got a notorious rap.

Beginning in Windows 8, there is now available a explanation of what is happening along with the suggestion to “search online later” for the STOP code listed.

So, what are you waiting for? Fix computer blue screen and continue using your PC the way you want and anytime you want.


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